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Life at Primero

Vicky - Logistics Supervisor

Meet Vicky, she originally started working for Primero in 2020 as a Trades Assistant and has progressed through the company becoming a Logistics Supervisor.

We sat down with Vicky to find out more about her experience from applying for the job to what her daily tasks look like. 

Why did you apply for a job at Primero?

I knew quite a few people working for Primero from previous projects I had been on. I had heard good things about the company, so that is what inspired me to apply!

What do your daily tasks look like?

In my current role as a Logistics Supervisor, I supervise a team of 36. 

My day-to-day tasks vary however usually consist of conducting prestarts, planning daily tasks for the crew, working with suppliers and engineers to organise transport to and from site for materials / equipment, organising daily vehicle movements for all personnel on site, completing timesheets and monitoring the use of TrackEm (our onsite tracking system) which is used for all building materials onsite. 

A big one here at the project I am currently working on is monitoring the weather and road closures. Communicating this to everyone onsite and to transport companies. One day the roads are open, then the next they’re not! Plus, whatever else the day throws at me.

What do you like about working for Primero?

100% the people! From the personnel onsite to the personnel in the office at Henderson & Osborne Park. 

If it wasn’t for a few key people in Primero encouraging and mentoring me, I would not have been given the opportunity to move into the supervision role and pushed to excel in the role. I’m onto my 3rd project with Primero. Each site has had a great friend / family feel to it. Which is a massive help while being away from your own friends and family.


Belinda - Metallurgy Superintendent

Meet Belinda, she is a Metallurgy Superintendent who has worked for Primero over for 5 years on various projects. 

We sat down with Belinda to find out more about what is involved in her role. 

How did you find out about Primero?

I was introduced to Primero by a previous manager. He invited me to join him in working on an exciting project and I haven’t looked back since!

What do you like about working for Primero?

The flexibility of schedule and management culture in the department I work in. 

There’s a general feeling of being supported within the business and Primero gave me a lot of confidence in what I do and had given me a chance to take on roles that I normally wouldn’t consider myself in.

What do your daily tasks look like in your role?

My daily activities involve pre-start and leadership meetings to start my day. Then I’ll have a brief catch-up with the METS team to line up our primary tasks and communicate our targets and objectives as per the planned production for the day. It will also be the time when I ask the team about any safety wins and concerns they had the past 24 hours.

Then I’ll spend some time in the plant, interacting with operators and the plant met to either investigate any issues raised from the day before or inquire about their strategy of operation for the next 12 hours. 

My day is usually filled with review of works, reports and email communication to supply, maintenance, operations, and sometimes to the client to address any concerns they have from the previous day’s production. 

By the end of the day, I would have gone back from my last plant walk-around to identify any immediate problem that needs attention and handover to the client. I will have a short discussion with the plant MET about the shift strategy they will prepare for the next shift. A short handover meeting with the client crew will be the end of my day’s task.


Amelia - Lead - Human Resources

Meet Amelia, she is a Lead – Human Resources who has been working for Primero for over 3.5 years.

We sat down with Amelia to find out a bit more about her role at Primero and why she applied for a job.

Why did you apply for a job at Primero?

I applied for a role at Primero as it was an opportunity to take my recruitment agency experience into an internal role in a company with an exciting growth trajectory.  

What do you like about working for Primero?

I like that Primero genuinely invests in its people. What you put in you will get back. They have supported my aspirations both personally and professionally from day one, which is a testament to the leadership team and the culture they drive.

What do your daily tasks look like in your role?

Day-to-day, I predominately focus on strategic projects for the HR Function. My most recent projects include the Indigenous Engagement Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Company-wide Remuneration Strategy and building an Employee and Industrial Relations Training package for our frontline leaders. I also manage two HR Advisors and support them with escalated performance and disciplinary matters or investigations.