Minerals Processing

Primero offers industry-leading mineral processing services across all stages of project delivery from test work development to operations and maintenance. Primero has the expertise, capability and experience to provide comprehensive project solutions for an extensive range of commodities, including:

  • Base and Precious Metals (Gold, Copper, Zinc and Lead).
  • Battery Minerals (Lithium, Vanadium and Rare Earths) in both Upstream and Downstream Facilities.
  • Mineral Sands, Tin and Manganese.

Our minerals processing team is supported with additional expertise in the areas of energy and non-process infrastructure, allowing Primero to design and deliver projects for our valued clients that are wholly integrated with minimal interfaces.

  • Non-Process Infrastructure (Warehouses, Maintenance Facilities, Offices, Washdowns and fuelling Facilities).
  • Power Generation and Storage Solutions.
  • Water Solutions (Pipelines).
  • Commissioning Services.

We value effective collaboration with clients, which coupled with our technical expertise, allows Primero to bring innovation and unmatched delivery capability to any project.