Primero’s Energy business division specialises in the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of Energy related projects in both the traditional and new energy sectors. These services include hydrogen processing, storage and distribution infrastructure; hybrid renewable energy solutions, including battery energy storage systems; power generation facilities and onshore oil and gas processing and compression facilities and pipelines.

Primero has developed technical engineering solutions across a range of traditional and renewable energy projects, including the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of hydrogen production facilities, natural gas delivery stations, hybrid power generation and battery energy storage facilities as well as conventional power stations.

Our experience and capability include project scoping (Concept Studies, Pre-FEED and FEED), multi-disciplined Detailed Design, right through to Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Performance Testing and Handover (including Operator training as required) for a full turn-key solution for our clients.

Primero’s team has extensive experience in delivering gas compressor station modifications and installation projects, gas gathering, gas processing, metering, pressure reduction, heating, filtration infrastructure and AS2885 compliant licensed pipelines.

Primero can offer vertically integrated solutions across a broad range of energy projects to suit our customer’s needs, including:

  • Hydrogen Processing and Production.
  • Decarbonisation Projects.
  • Renewable Energy Projects.
  • Power Generation and BESS.
  • Onshore Processing.
  • Gas Metering and Delivery.
  • Gas Compressor Stations.

Whether we’re involved from the outset or later in a project’s life, or even to assist with de-bottle-necking or shut-down refurbishment and upgrades, Primero’s Energy team can support Energy clients at any project phase.


The source of the world’s energy is transitioning as we head towards a net zero energy future. Hydrogen is becoming an important element of the new energy mix and Primero is already a key player in the burgeoning Hydrogen industry in Australia.

As a self-performing EPC contractor, we provide the same turnkey capability as we do in other market sectors.

This capability includes the following services:

  • Feasibility and Concept Studies.
  • Pre-FEED and FEED (including robust budget and schedule development).
  • Detailed Engineering Design.
  • Specialist procurement and package engineering.
  • Multidisciplined Construction.
  • Completions and Commissioning (using in-house Checkmate system).
  • Handover and Operator training.
  • Operations and Maintenance.

These services are provided across various areas of the Hydrogen market:

  • Hydrogen production, compression and storage.
  • Associated water treatment and infrastructure.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells.
  • Hydrogen Refuelling and dispensing facilities.
  • Procurement of key OEM equipment – electrolysers, specialist piping, fuel cells, refuelling equipment.

Primero is proud to have delivered one of the first hydrogen facilities in Australia, the Hazer Demonstration Plant in Western Australia and we continue supporting early movers in the Hydrogen space across a number of opportunities; including hydrogen production facilities, hydrogen-fuelled power projects, hydrogen refuelling projects and green ammonia projects.