Operations & Maintenance

At Primero, we know that a reliable plant is a safe plant and cost-effective plant. We know that if we continuously improve our performance under Primero’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) performance model, then we will deliver on the outcomes of safety, cost, and reliability. We value the importance of stability, recovery and product quality, and as such, implement these at the core of our O&M continuous improvement model. We bring leadership and years of diverse industry experience to the operations, maintenance, and asset management services we offer to each operation to which we deploy teams to.

Primero provides project-specific operations and maintenance services to help companies navigate the difficult transition from practical completion of construction through to operations. Our offering includes mature operational readiness systems and processes followed by the deployment of proven leadership, production, metallurgical, laboratory, maintenance, planning, and warehouse staff to assist our clients with planning, implementation, ramp-up, turnaround, and steady-state production situations.

Our core value to our customers is an assurance of safely achieving an accelerated ramp-up to sustained nameplate production. By supporting a project beyond load commissioning, Primero’s operation and maintenance capability reduces ramp-up risk, associated NPV erosion, and accelerates the pathway to safe, sustainable and profitable operation.

As an extension to our Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and O&M capability, Primero offers tailor-made Build, Own, Operate (BOO) solutions for our clients or partners where suited to the project or commercial needs.

Offering an unparalleled capability among engineering firms, our BOO models can rapidly enable the transition from the explorer to the producer for our customers. The benefits of contract processing include:

  • Superior safety performance – achieved by mature systems, mature leadership, & teams seeded from an existing strong culture of safety as a value.
  • Superior operational performance – confidence based on our track record of delivering.
  • Deferred capital costs through an off-balance sheet BOO contract model, if desired.
  • Risk sharing via plant performance bonuses and penalties (grade, recovery, throughput, quality, & cost are some of the areas we can achieve close alignment through risk sharing).
  • Reduction of our clients’ administrative and overhead costs.

Primero successfully operates several build, own, operate facilities in hard rock minerals. We have developed our BOO capability by designing readymade semi-fixed modular plants that have been tailored to achieve efficient outcomes from as low as 1.5Mtpa beneficiation processes through to 12 Mtpa large crushing and screening facilities across a range of commodities.