R U OK Day: Primero Takes a Break With Kit Kats
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R U OK? Day: Primero Takes a Break with Kit Kats

Thursday, 10 September marked an important day for mental health awareness in Australia – R U OK? Day. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and in the unprecedented environment and uncertainty 2020 has bought with it, there has never been a more important time to ask, R U OK?

To champion the message and remind ourselves that checking in with colleagues, friends and loved ones everyday can positively impact or even save someone’s life, our teams in office and on site took a break with a Kit Kat and considered this year’s theme – “There’s More to Say After R U OK?”.

In a year where many of us have faced changes, we’re more likely than ever to hear the response “No, I’m not okay”.  “There’s More to say After R U OK?”, encourages us to learn how to respond if someone says they are not OK, focussing on building confidence and increasing skills to best equip us for navigating this type of conversation.

Download R U OK?‘s Conversation Guide