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Wandoo Platform

Vermilion entered Australia in 2005 by acquiring a 60% operated interest in the Wandoo field, located approximately 80 km off the northwest shelf of Australia. In 2007, Vermillion acquired the remaining 40% interest. Production is from two operated offshore platforms, one of which (Wandoo B) is permanently manned.

Energy Construct

Feedback related Primero’s performance throughout Project Shackleton was excellent highlighting how Primero “go the extra mile”.

Project Shackleton

Vermillion’s Project Shackleton comprised a process upgrade to the Wandoo B Platform with the aim of improving gas throughput using state of the art technology ‘Electronic Submersible Pumps’ (ESP’s) coupled with a number of significant changes to the Wandoo B platform processing equipment.

Primero was engaged to provide procurement, installation and commissioning works for the electrical and instrumentation circuit as follows:

Highlights of the project included, without limitation to:

Crew limitations due to bedding restrictions demanded versatile employees and efficient off-site engineering and management support.

Accommodation Upgrades

Vermilion Oil and Gas Australia (VOGA) engaged Primero to undertake the electrical and instrumentation works associated with the Wandoo B accommodation upgrade and associated equipment installation.

Due to the age of both the manned platform at Wandoo B and unmanned platform at Wandoo A, VOGA took advantage of the refurbishment work and replaced its ageing accommodation facilities with increased bedding to ease the pressures on operation personnel and the general operation of the platform.

The replacement facility was manufactured off site into workable sections, designed to minimize impact to operation of the rig. The equipment was successfully installed in stages and commissioned during the shutdown periods without incident. The works at Wandoo B included a new compressed air facility, replacement and installation of several gas detection units, installation and integration of the new accommodation and office facility. Works at Wandoo A consisted of the demolition and replacement of the platform crib/office shelter and also gas detection units as with WNB.

Crew limitations due to bedding restrictions demanded versatile employees and efficient off-site engineering and management support to keep costs to a minimum. VOGA complimented Primero on many occasions for their proactive and successful management of the project.

This performance was especially evident during the commissioning periods with the use of Primero developed commissioning software ‘Check-mate™’ allowing remote progress measurement and live remote ITR approval and visibility for both Primero management and VOGA representatives.