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South Flank NPI

With construction commencing in 2019, BHP’s South Flank will be one of the world’s largest iron ore operations integrating the latest advances in autonomous-ready fleets, digital connectivity and modular design.

Primero was engaged by Clough Australia to undertake turnkey design, construction and commissioning solutions for 4M litres of diesel fuel infrastructure at primary crushing areas 1 and 2, 800KL of diesel fuel infrastructure with the MEM precinct and additional lubrication storage and distribution infrastructure.

Design Construct Commission

Unique hydrocarbon storage, pumping and pipework modularisation and safety in design initiatives that reduced construction cost and installation risk for all project stakeholders.

Scope of Work

The South Flank deposit is located approximately 130 km by road north-west of the town of Newman, and approximately 8 km to the south of BHP’s existing Mining Area C operation. South Flank will be the largest iron ore processing facility ever built in Western Australia. The project will include an 80-million-ton-per-year crushing and screening plant, an overland conveyor system, rail-loading facilities and associated non-process infrastructure.

Clough Australia were awarded the head EPC contract for the delivery of Non-Process Infrastructure at South Flank and recognising the packages sat at Primero’s core competency, awarded vertical diesel and lubrication storage and distribution packages to the group.

Modularisation and offsite pre-assembly remained a priority for all project stakeholders as a means of reducing labour cost, installation cost and onsite exposure hours. Primero was able to repurpose, yet optimise, previous modularisation initiatives from prior design activities at BHP’s Mining Area C. A highlight of which included accommodating pumping and associated piping componentry within lubrication tank cowlings to ensure they could be installed simply with an unload and place philosophy when onsite, leaving only the tie-in of interconnecting pipework and electrical services remaining.