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Varanus Island Tank Life Extension

Santos is an Australian natural gas company. Established in 1954, the company is proud to deliver the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas to homes and businesses throughout Australia and Asia.

With extensive experience in the safe execution of tank construction and maintenance projects, Primero has been repeatedly engaged to deliver sustaining capital projects for Santos at Varanus Island. Successful project delivery that has culminated in the safe execution of over 45,000-man hours on the island.

Energy Construct Maintenance

The Varanus Island hub has a reliable capacity of 290TJ of gas per day and provides ongoing benefits to Western Australia by ensuring an independent gas supply into the DBNGP.

Tank C

In May 2017, Santos (formally Quadrant Energy) engaged Primero to execute multiple scopes of work regarding the 16-year life extension of the 57m diameter, 250,000-barrel crude oil storage Tank C-101. Tank C is one of three main crude oil tanks used by Santos for storage prior to processing and exporting at Varanus Island. While executing the Tank C works, Santos retained the services of Primero to execute the 13m diameter T-201 water tank floor repair scope.

Responsibilities included:

Primero was able to rapidly deploy in-house resources when required, thus fast-tracking components of the schedule. Over 20,000 man hours were worked LTI free.

Tank B

In February 2019, Primero was invited to return to Varanus Island and complete a tank floor and wind girder support replacement project following the success of the C Tank maintenance the year prior. Tank B-101 is the second of three main crude oil tanks used by Santos for storage prior to processing and exporting at Varanus Island.

The 16 year life extension scope of work included:

The project was executed ahead of schedule, incident free and culminated in some fantastic feedback.

The [Santos] project team decided on selecting reputed Australian resources engineering and construction company Primero to complete the B Tank work for Santos. Primero’s record with Quadrant is strong, already having a hand in the safe refurbishment of Crude Oil tank C. The project is a great example of using the four p’s synonymous with Santos' mission vision and values, performance, people, partners and protection.