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Hopper 9 Primary Crushing Plant

To support future mining operations Fortescue commissioned the design and construction of a 3,500tph crushing facility at their Cloudbreak mine site.

Primero supported RCR Mining Technologies in delivering the detailed design (by way of ECI) and construction of the semi-relocatable Hopper 9 crushing plant in 2020.

Construct Minerals

The PCP, delivered by way of ECI, was designed to minimise initial capital cost as well as the sunk cost of relocation by incorporating modularisation, limited in-ground civils, reusable lift points for respective PCP ‘floors’ and remote IO.

Scope of work

Primero completed the discrete design, construction and commissioning of a semi-relocatable 3,500tph primary crushing plant (PCP) at Fortescue’s Cloudbreak mine site in partnership with RCR Mining Technologies. The Hopper 9 crushing plant was commissioned to deliver primary crushed ore onto a new OLC returning material to the ore processing facility at Cloudbreak.

Primero was responsible for all aspects of discrete design and construction of the new PCP including all civil works, mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation, control system, and commissioning works as well as integration of all aspects of the PCP with Conveyor CV006.