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Commercial Demonstration Plant

HAZER® Group Limited (Hazer) is a pioneering ASX-listed technology development company undertaking the commercialisation of the HAZER® Process, a low-emission hydrogen and graphite production process. The HAZER® Process enables the effective conversion of natural gas and similar feedstocks, into hydrogen and high quality graphite, using iron ore as a process catalyst.

Primero was engaged to perform early contractor involvement (ECI) services for the design and in turn construction for Hazer’s proposed Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP).

Energy Design

We are delighted to move forward into the engineering phase of the Hazer CDP with Primero. We believe Primero is an excellent fit for the capabilities we need to deliver the CDP and I am looking forward to the Hazer and Primero teams working closely together to deliver a successful project.


The Hazer CDP will be the first commercial scale demonstration of the Hazer Process. As part of the commercialisation strategy, Hazer is proposing to build a 100tpa (hydrogen production capacity) Commercial Demonstration Plant utilising waste biogas as its feedstock. The plant is proposed to be located at the Water Corporation’s Woodman Point Waste-Water Treatment Plant.

Primero was awarded a contract for an ECI scope of work as to allow Hazer to progress to full EPC contracting and procurement. The ECI phase is expected to be completed around November 2019 with completion of construction and commencement of commissioning targeted for Q4 2020.

The HAZER® Process

The HAZER® Process enables the effective conversion of natural gas, and similar feedstocks, into hydrogen and high quality graphite, using iron ore as a process catalyst. The aim of the HAZER® Process will be to achieve savings for the hydrogen producer, as well as providing ‘clean’ hydrogen with significant lower carbon dioxide emissions, enabling such hydrogen to be used in a range of developing ‘clean energy’ applications, as well as in large existing chemical processing industries.