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Altura Lithium Mine Crushing Facility Upgrade

The Altura Lithium Mine is a world class hard rock lithium operation located at Pilgangoora in Western Australia, approximately 123 kilometres from Port Hedland. An open pit project extracting lithium spodumene, the facility is owned and operated by Altura Mining and has an expected life of 26 years.

Minerals Procurement Management Construct

1900 man hours accomplished without incident or injury.

Structural Upgrade for Primary Crushing Plant

Subject to a harsh operating environment, the facility’s primary crusher required an upgrade to mitigate failures associated with vibration. Primero was commissioned by Weir Minerals, a premium provider of highly engineered mining equipment and services, to fabricate and install additional steel into the base of the existing primary crusher structure.

Processing 320 tonnes of hard rock lithium minerals per hour, the function of the primary crusher is crucial to production output, denoting the critical need for minimal shutdown time. Working in a tight timeframe, close liaisons with Altura’s operations and Weir’s design teams were necessary to successfully complete all scope of works and additional tasks requested by the client over two phased shutdowns, including:

Project Highlights