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Battery Recycling and Valuable Metal Recovery



Minerals Processing
Montreal, Canada

Neometals has recognised the rapidly growing requirement to recycle lithium-ion batteries and the company is progressing the commercialisation of its proprietary process for recovering cobalt and other valuable materials from spent lithium-ion batteries.

Primero was engaged to assist with the flowsheet development for the process and subsequently design, build and commission a battery recycling pilot plant at Neometals’ facilities in Montreal, Canada.

Extensive battery metals experience coupled with offices in both Perth and Montreal meant that Primero was well positioned to execute the following for Neometals:

  • Develop and conduct bench-scale tests for various stages of the battery recycling pilot plant process.
  • Create engineering design documentation and deliverables to an as-built status.
  • Commission the battery recycling feed preparation pilot plant.
  • Review all external hydrometallurgical bench-scale and pilot plant​ ​test work and incorporate data into an overarching process design.
  • Carry out scoping studies for a full-scale commercial plant.

Future State

A FEED study is planned to follow the pilot and precede an economic feasibility study to give Neometals a commercial handle on approximately 80% of costs at an early development stage.