Primero Secure Distribution Agreement With Min-Met

Primero is pleased to officially announce that it has entered into a long term agreement with Min-Met Projects (South Africa) to sell and Distribute DMS products into Australia and the America’s. Primero and Min-Met have worked closely together at the Galaxy Mt Caitlin mine and on the back of this successful project we have formalised the working relationship to strengthen our offering in the Mineral Processing Space. Cameron Henry noted, “our distribution agreement with Min-Met allows us to access DMS technology from South Africa and strengthen our proven capability in the Australian market and also pursue new opportunities in America. Primero is excited to be working with the Min-Met team and expanding our capabilities in the DMS market place”

About Min-Met Projects:

Min-Met Projects is a company based in South Africa that design and constructs customised modular DMS equipment and modular processing plant solutions. Their main sources of business are in the mining and heavy industrial sectors. Clients of Min-Met Projects include companies such as ERGO, Frazer Alexander, DRD-Gold, Bateman and Agnes Gold.