ELT and FLT Teams Battle it Out Enduro Style | News | Primero
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ELT and FLT Teams Battle it out Enduro Style

Last Friday, 28 August, our ELT and FLT took part in a team building day with the main objective to enhance communication and relationships.

Since early 2020, Primero has seen immense growth and rapid expansion within our teams, so to help some new faces get to know some old faces and vice versa, and to reward some top efforts for the year so far, the group headed out to Mega Fast Karts in Cockburn for some friendly on track competition.

As you’d expect, there was some typical rough and tumble (with some unable to hold back their competitive natures!) and more than a few spin outs in a bid to take out the enduro cup.

“Reigning Premiers” Ben Grigsby and Alan Page successfully defended their winning title, claiming first place with and without penalty scoring – finishing on a time of 47.15 minutes and 36 points.

All up, the day was extremely well received and made for some great stories. It was clear that morale was high and was good to see some connection between our Osborne Park and Bibra Lake offices.

Thanks to all who carved some time out of their busy schedules and made it the great day it was.