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With a history of safely delivering large scale construction projects across the global resources industry, our ability to effectively deliver any type of project through a variety of construction methodologies is underpinned by our founding core beliefs of working smarter, upholding promises and taking ownership.

Primero is an EPC delivery leader with an extensive history of successfully delivering a diverse range of multi-disciplinary, turnkey design, construction and commissioning solutions in often remote and hazardous environments. Our commitment to diversified, in-house design and construction competency lends itself to providing optimal, turnkey EPC solutions. By self-performing all three phases of resource project development the company retains control of its supply chain, eliminates rate creep and unlocks optimum value for projects and clientele alike. We pride ourselves on this multi-disciplinary approach yet can act as a single discipline contractor as and when required.

Specialties include:

"The quality of the site works undertaken by Primero was to a very high standard with very few instances of rework being required for a project of this size and complexity. Labour and industrial relations was well managed on the project with no industrial disputes or related lost time events… Overall Primero was a major contributor to the success of AGL’s Barker Inlet Power Station project."



Primero specialise in complex and high tolerance concrete structures. We have successfully delivered projects involving foundation and structural concrete for the likes of gas compressor stations and a wide range of process and non-process infrastructure packages.

Less sophisticated applications include skid and building foundations, ground slabs, suspended slabs and tilt up panel structures; often found within our scope.

Specialities include:

Offsite Fabrication, Preassembly and Commissioning

Primero undertake heavy fabrication and the mechanical and electrical offsite assembly of construction modules from our facility in Bibra Lake. Works undertaken at the facility are governed by company standards and procedures to ensure component traceability and conformity to design specifications and relevant standards.

Offsite preassembly and pre-commissioning reduces exposure hours, installation time, heightened labour cost and improves safety performance. Projects frequently undertaken from the facility include:

Structural, Mechanical and Pipework (SMP)

Primero’s construction team has extensive experience in all aspects of structural, mechanical and piping fabrication, offsite assembly, equipment set out and installation. Our capability in the SMP domain spans from sustaining capital upgrades to existing process infrastructure, to providing multi-disciplinary, turnkey EPC solutions for the construction of Greenfield mineral processing facilities.

Where economically sensible our experience in offshore fabrication and importation can offer a competitive advantage when sourcing large structural steel packages.

Specialities include:

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control (EIC)

Primero has the people, plant and equipment to undertake large electrical, instrumentation and control system installations. Our team have a diversified skillset, demonstrating experience in the construction of mineral processing facilities and onshore gas processing facilities to installation and commissioning of cutting-edge waste heat recovery technology.

Specialities include:

Commissioning Management

We pride ourselves on turnkey service delivery and believe that the handover of any project is the most important part of the process. Primero have dedicated commissioning management engineers readily available that ensure the verification and start-up process is safe, well managed and completed in an organised and timely manner.

Consequently, Primero has developed its own paperless ITR commissioning system, Checkmate, to ensure that all verification documentation is prepared, available and submitted in real time as completed in the field.

Checkmate takes engineering inputs directly from design deliverables and determines the complete Installation Test Record (ITR) requirements for a project. ITRs detailed all inspection requirements to confirm correct installation of equipment to client specifications, design drawings and government regulations. By conducting all commissioning documentation activity on field CheckMate tablets, the paperless system drives rapid commissioning and line of site on progress to schedule. This process also allows for remote client review of individual ITRs and final acceptance testing.

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